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Webinar 1 - The Educator Mindset: Stress, Stress Mitigation and Resilience in Times of Community Crisis
In Webinar #1 and #2 we will examine how our mindsets, both implicit and explicit, are driving forces of our actions, interpretations and perceptions, particularly when working in high stress situations with students. Mindsets are beliefs and assumptions that help us organize and categorize our lived experience and they are taught, nurtured, implied and assimilated into our thinking, often very early in our lives. Many of our most impactful mindsets originate in our physiological system, in pre-conscious forms, and it is critical to our work that we deconstruct and examine these beliefs. This is particularly true regarding mindsets related to race, gender, sexual orientation, other “isms” and disciplining children, and warrant especially critical self-inquiry. Webinar content will also focus on stress, traumatic stress and the unique challenges of living and working through the COVID-19 pandemic. We will examine the three premises for trauma-informed schools and study the stress response system. Finally a 4-phase model of restoring well-being during the pandemic and other times of adversity will be offered.


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