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Multi-Cloud Monitoring: How to Overcome Challenges to Ensure Success
With 92% of enterprises now using multiple cloud vendors, the complexity of managing a heterogeneous multi-cloud infrastructure continues to increase dramatically.

If you’re like many organizations, you probably rely on native cloud monitoring tools that let you manage cloud silos individually. But that’s not enough. You need IT operations processes and tools to monitor and manage across your completely private and public clouds, as well as traditional platforms, such as legacy ERP, distributed computing and other on-premises resources.

Fortunately, managing a multi-cloud environment doesn’t have to be a complicated affair – but action needs to be taken now.

Join our webinar and hear from Micro Focus experts, led by Wes Cooper, as they review:
- Current cloud monitoring technologies and practices.
- How to move to the cloud with less risk, compare service performance before, during, and after migration.
- The need for a mechanism that can sense, analyze, adapt and visualize to help admin solve tactical problems before they become outages.
- The financial importance of swift anomaly detection across all cloud platforms.
- How to take advantage of monitoring analytics to turn massive amounts of monitoring data into actionable insights.
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