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Tik Tok: Leveraging Creator Communities for Good
Join this fireside chat with TikTok Canada and Reckitt Benckiser as they discuss how the Finish team utilized TikTok's creator community for the launch of their Canadian water savings purpose program.

With two main goals - increasing product awareness and changing behaviour around the pre-rinsing dish habit through the #SkipTheRinse pledge - the two teams created a content series by collaborating with a group of TikTok creators from diverse backgrounds, family structures and households that had meaningful connections to cooking, cleaning, and sustainability. The creators were given the freedom to produce videos showing how they #SkipTheRinse through the lens of their own unique lifestyles.

In this fireside chat, the audience will learn about the TikTok ad solutions used for the campaign and both the key metrics used to measure the campaign and results that were achieved. The session will end with the two executives discussing best practices for working with the TikTok creator community and why authenticity should matter to brands, now, more than ever.


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