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IRG: Linkages with the 4p1000 initiative and the CIRCASA project
This first webinar is part of a series of Webinars which aim to inform the GRA community and others about the IRG activities contributing to the GRA goals. For this first time, we will mainly talk about other projects and initiatives' structure and how they interact with and complement the IRG activities. We will present "The Coordination of International Research Cooperation on Soil CArbon Sequestration in Agriculture" (CIRCASA) and the "4per1000: Soils for food security and Climate" initiative.

Apr 30, 2019 4:00 PM in Paris

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Jean-François Soussana
CIRCASA coordinator and IRG co-chair @INRA, France
Vice President in charge of International Policy of INRA
Pamela Joosse
IRG co-chair @Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Senior Soil and Nutrient Management Specialist
Paul Luu
Executive Secretary of the 4p1000 initiative @4p1000
Agronomist specialized in tropical agronomy and agroforestry