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Hyperledger In-depth: An hour with Oracle: Enabling Tokenization Options on Hyperledger Fabric
As tokenization use cases in the enterprise and beyond have become more real, the lack of built-in tokens in Hyperledger Fabric has become an issue. Hyperledger Member Oracle has developed an approach to implement fungible and non-fungible tokens on Fabric based on IWA's Token Taxonomy Framework (TTF) model of token types and behaviors. In this webinar, Oracle will demo of generating Fungible Token (FT) chaincode and using it in an application based on the recently released version of Blockchain App Builder. You will learn how this accelerates the use of FTs and NFTs in a broad range of use cases. We'll also discuss our plans to make use of tokens easy and quick on Hyperledger Fabric.

In the “Hyperledger In-depth: An hour with… .” series, Hyperledger members share learnings from their projects and try to answer all the hard questions about the pains of working with DLTs. It is not yet another webinar: participants will be encouraged to take part, come with prepared questions and voice opinions. Expect live demos and tutorials, stories from the battle field and hopefully some heated discussions. Let's get out of the zoom fatigue and engage to share experiences and build a stronger community.


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