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Supply Chain Mapping: How to trace a product to the source
This webinar presents a cloud based approach to trace your commodities to the source. We will address:
• The benefits of supply chain mapping for risk and sustainability management
• Important steps to consider for supply chain mapping
• How to integrate supply chain mapping in your operations
• How to use the sustainabill cloud to map the supply chain step by step

More details will be added soon!
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Klaus Wiesen
CEO @sustainabill GmbH
Klaus Wiesen is CEO of the startup sustainabill, which he co-founded in 2017. sustainabill offers a cloud platform which enables producing companies to achieve transparent supply chains. He is an expert in sustainability assessment. Before sustainabill, he worked as a project coordinator in the research area of life cycle assessment for the sustainability thinktank Wuppertal Institute and managed multiple projects for different industries, NGOs and the German government.