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Collect or Perish: The Private Collection of Mimi Lipton
Join Valery Demure and Vanessa Cron with Mimi Lipton to discuss Mimi's extraordinary life and private collection.

"Not all those who wander are lost. Sometimes, unbeknownst to them, they are paving the way. Mimi Lipton's life took her to nearly all corners of the planet, at a time when travelling was a true adventure and diversity was not even part of the daily vocabulary. I could tell the incredible story of her life, and you would feel like reading an adventure novel, but, although very entertaining, that would only scratch the surface. The most important thing to know about Mimi Lipton is this: she is an architect. It might come as a surprise for most of the people who know her and will confuse all those who came to discover her jewellery collection, but that's who she is deep inside. An architect. Specialised in building invisible bridges. With art. Maybe she is an art-chitect in fact. The bridges she has created are the most essential, those who connect humans, cultures, and nature together. All encapsulated in powerful jewels. A jewellery art-chitect." - Vanessa Cron, from the Collect or Perish catalogue.


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