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Benchmarking Your Company – The Why and How
Benchmarking is a proven method to improve operational efficiency and growth. By comparing yourselves regularly to peers and competitors, you can isolate weaknesses in your operating structure and performance that you can improve. In fact, we’ve seen numerous companies do exactly this – and the companies that make benchmarking a regular part of management information improve operationally by becoming more efficient while also achieving revenue growth.

Companies use benchmarking to fine-tune their budgeting and planning, improve communications and target-setting with company management, and set context with investors and stake-holders. Do you have specific questions about benchmarking metrics you want answers to?

Join Lauren Kelley, CEO of OPEXEngine, and Eric Mersch, outsourced CFO and partner at FLG Partners, August 15, 2019 at 2pm EST for an exclusive LIVE Q&A session.

• Lauren, who has over a decade of experience, will share her experiences benchmarking Software and SaaS companies.
• Lauren and Eric will discuss in practical terms how to best take advantage of benchmarking your company
• They will answer any and all questions you have regarding benchmarks for SaaS and Software companies

If you would like to send in questions early, please send them to lauren@opexengine.com.
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