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Commissioning for Quality – Community Based Rheumatology Service
The webinar will outline how a community based rheumatology service can provide effective management of rhuematology patients, with benefits both to the patients and the use of clinical resources. The Service is commissioned by the CCG and GP’s from participating practices refer directly into the Community service.

The service was initially established in 2009 by a GPWSI who had 10 years + working in a secondary care rheumatology service as a clinical assistant and a nurse consultant in rheumatology with over 20 years experience.

Findings from the pilot study demonstrated that patients requiring disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDS) can easily be managed in a community setting. A community setting with provision of the specialist skills , provides patients with local more convenient care and reduced disengagement. It also optimised resource use – for example moving some of the routine follow-up activity for rheumatology patients such as drug monitoring would undercut the tariff by 30%. Patients see the most appropriate member of the healthcare team allowing more effective management of their condition and freeing up specialist rheumatologists for more acute cases.

The service how has 3 GPWSI, 1 extended scope physiotherapy practitioner, 2 nurse consultants and a clinical nurse specialist and 6 consultant sessions per month plus 2 full time administrators.

Who should attend? Commissioners, GPs, clinicians working in rheumatology services.

Oct 19, 2018 12:30 PM in London

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Erica Gould
Nurse Consultant @Community Rheumatology Service Modality Partnership
Erica has worked in Rheumatology since 1991 and in community services since 2012. She enjoys all aspects of rheumatology nursing but has a keen interest in patient centred care - shared decision making and empowerment of individuals via education and self management. “Working within the current community clinic enables me to be totally focused on patient centred care and all patients within the service are under nurse -led care once diagnosis is confirmed. I am passionate about the benefits of community services for service users and strive to promote and maintain high standards of nurse led care.”