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Engaging Families Through the Coronavirus Pandemic: National Organizations Share Their Plans
The coronavirus pandemic has changed our way of life for an indefinite period of time. Families, educators, and other practitioners across the country are struggling with how to adjust to this new reality and what it means for children. When it comes to education during these challenging circumstances, families need access to information and learning ideas, ways to understand the information, and ways to take action on it.

In this webinar, national organizations at the forefront of providing resources and tools that parents and practitioners need to navigate through this uncharted territory will share what they are currently providing and what is planned moving forward. Attendees will be encouraged to ask questions and share their own ideas and resources through our webinar chat feature.

-Joshua Sparrow, Executive Director, Brazelton Touchpoints Center, Boston Children’s Hospital
-Kwesi Rollins, Vice President, Leadership & Engagement, Institute for Educational Leadership
-Josh Cramer, Executive Vice President, National Center for Families Learning
-Merwyn Scott, Director of Community Advocacy and Partnership Engagement (CAPE), National Education Association
-Andrew Russo, Co-Founder & Director, National Family Support Network
-Helen Westmoreland, Director, Family Engagement, National PTA
-Pamela Johnson Ph.D, Executive Director, Ready To Learn, Corporation for Public Broadcasting
-Scott G. Allen, MS, Deputy Director, Public Library Association
-Erin Moore, National Organizer, United Parent Leaders Action Network (UPLAN)
-Tommy Sheridan, Deputy Director, National Head Start Association
-Susan Shaffer, President and Co-Founder, MAEC

View NAFSCE's response to the Covid-19 pandemic at https://nafsce.org/page/coronavirus
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