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How is the Pandemic Affecting the Future of OER?
Multiple surveys of students, faculty, and administrators have all shown that the pandemic is producing fundamental changes in teaching and learning across all higher education. All groups report more optimistic views of online and hybrid learning, as well as a greater desire for technology integration in all courses. Resistance to the use of digital materials is disappearing, with students and faculty both expressing a greater desire to replace print materials with digital.

Many of these changes bode well for the future growth of OER adoption. However, other trends, such as the time required for faculty to mold their courses into new formats have prevented them from spending the time required to find and adopt new materials. Likewise, commercial publishers have embraced many of these changes and now represent a very different alternative than they were prior to the pandemic. Which of these competing pressures will prevail?

Attendees will gain a much fuller understanding of OER, allowing them to better understand if OER is an appropriate option for their institution and/or teaching.


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