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Building for Growth - Automate Your Billing, Control Your Customers, Increase Your Profits
Computers and phones have converged! Businesses now look to their IT providers for communications solutions. Seize the opportunity to grow your communications business with billing features and services that were once exclusive to the large providers.

In this webinar, we’ll show you how to add significant value to your business, make your customers more “sticky” and make your business a more profitable one-stop shop for telecommunications and IT services. With the right platform you can easily,

• Sell and bill a variety of communications products and services
• Synchronize data with ConnectWise Manage
• Bundle products and services for new service offers or promotions
• Create your own pricing plans
• Bill for regular subscriptions or for consumption with pay-as-you-go billing
• Enable your customers to view usage and make payments through your branded customer portal and
• Be compliant with all communications tax and regulatory requirements

To your customers, you will look like a provider with capabilities that were only available from the large providers not long ago. Everything you need to grow your revenues is now available on a scalable, affordable SaaS platform that integrates with ConnectWise, so you can grow as quickly without the need for capital or the worry of capacity.

In this webinar, we’ll:
• Provide a framework for MSPs to sell and bill telecommunications services
• Demonstrate how easy it is to set up automated communications billing that is tuned to maximizing your recurring profit margins
• Discuss the handling of US telecommunications tax and regulatory compliance into the overall solution

The webinar is 45 minutes total, with 30 minutes for presentation and 15 minutes for questions.

Who should attend:
• CEOs, CFOs, Tax Directors, Tax Managers, BSS/OSS Managers, Controllers, Compliance Managers
• Product Managers, IT Director and IT Managers interested in tax implications
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