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Precision Education: A conceptual model for Medicine
The goal of medical education is to produce a physician workforce capable of delivering high-quality care to our patients and communities. Remarkable advances in biomedical sciences over the past 50 years and tremendous growth in technology and medical knowledge—coupled with a greater emphasis on team-based approaches—have transformed health care delivery. Despite this, the medical education system has struggled to incorporate new technologies to personalize training. Aligning education with current and future needs requires new paradigms to overcome the current inflexibilities, inefficiencies and inequities.

Attend this American Medical Association “Innovations in Medical Education” webinar and be able to:
• Recognize challenges to learning outcomes due to limited personalization in our current medical education system.
• Discuss how precision education can optimize physicians’ lifelong learning by personalizing medical education.
• Review an example of how precision education can be leveraged to impact broad,
high-impact agendas.


Sanjay Desai, MD
Chief academic officer

Charles G. Prober, MD
Professor, pediatrics, microbiology and immunology
Founding executive director, Stanford Center for Health Education
Senior associate vice provost, health education
Stanford University

Marc M. Triola, MD
Associate professor, medicine
Associate dean, educational informatics
Director, Institute for Innovations in Medical Education
NYU Grossman School of Medicine
NYU Langone Health


Maya M. Hammoud, MD, MBA
Senior adviser, medical education innovation


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