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M+ Matters | Keynote: Understanding Museum Audiences in China M+ 思考 | 焦點談 理解觀眾:中國藝術博物館的不同之道
A museum’s attitude towards its audiences shapes the character of the institution. The global shift in the definition of audiences from passive receivers of information to active participants has been especially pronounced in the short, vibrant history of art museums in China. But how specifically can museums imagine, define, and interact with their audiences today? ‘M+ Matters | Keynote: Understanding Museum Audiences’ brings together five contributors from museums in mainland China and Hong Kong to explore this subject: Nikita Yingqian Cai, Artistic Deputy Director, Guangdong Times Museum, Guangzhou; Fei Dawei, Founding Director, Guy & Miriam Ullens Foundation and the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA), Beijing; Gong Yan, Director, Power Station of Art, Shanghai; Liu Yingjiu, Deputy Director, Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai; and Pi Li, Sigg Senior Curator and Head of Curatorial Affairs, M+, Hong Kong. Representing different institutional models—state-run, private, corporate, and community-based—the speakers present their distinct curatorial, operational, and learning strategies. The discussion positions the relationship with audiences as essential to any understanding of the current museum landscape in China.

Date & time: 29 March (Mon), 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Language: Mandarin, with English simultaneous interpretation
Event platform: Zoom

博物館如何理解觀眾的參觀行為,是決定機構自身特性的因素。現今,全球博物館對觀眾的認知也有所變化,不再把觀眾視為被動地接受資訊的一方,而是博物館節目與活動的積極參與者,這種轉變在中國藝術博物館短暫而蓬勃的發展歷史中尤為突出。那麼,當下博物館是如何想像和定義觀眾、如何與之交流互動?本次「M+思考 | 焦點談」以「理解觀眾:中國藝術博物館的不同之道」為主題,邀請五位任職於中國大陸和香港藝術博物館的人士聚首,分別從國營、私人、企業運營、社區為本的博物館模式出發,分享他們在策展、運營、教學與詮釋等方面的不同策略。他們是廣東時代美術館的學術副館長蔡影茜、尤倫斯基金會主任(2002-2008)兼尤倫斯當代藝術中心創館館長費大為、上海當代藝術博物館館長龔彥、上海外灘美術館副館長劉迎九,以及M+的希克資深策展人及策展事務主管皮力。本次研討會以觀眾與博物館之關係為的重要切入點,藉此理解當代中國博物館的圖景。


Mar 29, 2021 07:00 PM in Hong Kong SAR

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