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Sorrow and Outrage: How to Prevent Burnout and Channel Your Feelings into Action During Challenging Times
From experiencing routine microaggression to witnessing horrific acts of hatred, social justice and health equity advocates are regularly bombarded with images, soundbites, and stories that may elicit feelings of sorrow and outrage and leave us feeling helpless or overwhelmed. During this webinar, we will learn how to lean into these feelings and leverage them to act with renewed purpose. Experts will share advice on building resilience and wellbeing to protect both yourself and your community from burnout and on countering negative narratives with affirmative storytelling.

Learning Objectives: Participants will be able to:
• Understand how building emotional health, resilience, and well-being enhances individual and collective impact
• Describe strategies for creating teams and organizational systems that prevent burnout
• Identify best practices for avoiding defensive communication strategies following disruptive events
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