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A Taste of Mezcal with Jaime Mateo, Los Javis
In Mexico, families have passed down the tradition of distilling agave for generations. Discover how this delicate plant has carried the weight of a nation and the people trying to protect it. Guest Speaker: Jaime Mateo, CEO of Mezcal Los Javis.


* Flaming tamarind margarita

- 2oz Los Javis reposado
- 1oz tamarind purée
- 2 dashes of orange bitters
- 1 oz lime juice
- .25oz agave
Build in shaker and give a strong shake for 10 seconds, dump into bucket glass
GARNISH : Tajin/brown sugar rim, flamed orange twist

* Mezcal diablo

- 2 oz Los Javis Espadin
- 1 oz lime juice
- 1 oz cassis
- Topped with ginger beer

Build in a Collins glass and add the cassis last so that it floats on top and the sinks down
- GARNISH: Luxardo cherry on bamboo pick

* La passion

- .75oz Liquid alchemist passion fruit or equal house made purée
- .75 lemon juice
- 2oz Los Javis espadín

Build in shaker and shake for 10 seconds strain onto coupe glass, make sure your shake is strong enough to create the thin foam layer on the drink.
- Garnish: with dehydrated lemon


- 1oz raspberry purée
- agave, if needed depending on sweetness of house purée
- .75oz lime juice
- .50oz egg white
- 2oz los javis reposado
shake all ingredients with a dry shake (no ice) for 10 seconds, strain and shake again with ice for another 10 seconds and fine strain into coupe glass
- Garnish: 4 drops of bitters with swirl

Jul 13, 2020 03:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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