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GBS 1.5 series #2: Shaping the Workforce of the Future
Greetings from InvestPenang!

With an ambition to further drive Penang’s Global Business Services (GBS) industry and in ensuring Penang remains as a preferred economic and investment destination, InvestPenang in collaboration with Penang GBS Focus Group will be organizing a GBS 1.5 series #2: Shaping the Workforce of the Future on Tuesday, 13th July 2021 from 10.00 am to 11.30 am.

For sustainable growth of the GBS industry, talent development is one of the key areas to emphasize, especially the importance of nurturing digitally skilled talents and foster a new wave of a future-ready digital workforce.

This session provides leaders’ experience and approach in providing new jobs from emerging industries, the transformation of existing jobs, as well as lifelong learning opportunities to build knowledge and skills in the new economy.

This session will also discuss the challenge in talent management and development, including transforming transactional employees to knowledge-based team workers, how the leaders managed the employees during the COVID-19 crisis and the substantial changes on how GBS organizations will operate in future.
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