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TRANSFORMING CONVERSATIONS: Psychologists - Unleash your Personal Brand
**Do you want to convert more enquiries to bookings from engaged and motivated clients?
**Need clear effective marketing that takes into account AHPRA ethical guidelines, and is simple to implement?
**Are you wanting to be more visible to your referrers and communicate your value clearly?
**Do you know your niche Brand message and ways to amplify you as the Brand Identity, all with authenticity, transparency and confidence?

A Psychologist’s personal brand identity has the potential to bring a more human transparent ‘face’ to the identity of a health professional, and be highly visible as a strong advocate and educator around mental illness. By being more visible and accessible as a mental health professional, Psychologists can attempt to break through stigmas and bridge the gap between people feeling unwell and knowing that they can reach out for help.

In this free webinar, Louise Williams will show you how to be more visible in your brand and utilise your brand to:
**Literally show your clients that you understand their challenges and emotions. SHOW, don’t just tell.
**Remain consistently fresh and engaging in your positioning, while you focus on ongoing themes and topics in your branding.
**Be more top of mind for referrers.
**Communicate to your ideal clients, while also being considerate of ethical guidelines.
**Be confident in how you bring to life your core identity and unique personality in your visual content.

This is a completely FREE opportunity that I dare you to choose to step into and open yourself up too!
A replay video will be sent to all registrants.

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Oct 9, 2018 7:00 PM in Brisbane

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Webinar is over, you can not register now. If you have any questions, please contact Webinar host: Louise Williams.