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The Enneagram & the Current Crisis: Gathering the Inner Resources Needed for Our Time - with Russ Hudson & Catherine Bell
We are offering this one-of-a-kind workshop to look at the Enneagram as way to explore ways to use this time of quarantine and physical distancing to grow and develop. We will discover some skillful ways to navigate the challenges that have come to all of us, so that when we emerge from this time, we will be ready to contribute to a life more congruent with our heart’s desire. While the program is based in Enneagram knowledge and teaching, it is really aimed at the particular issues and possibilities inherent in our current global crisis. 

Learning about the Enneagram can be a life-changing process, and many who have truly explored the system can easily share the benefits it has brought them. While this is true any time, the challenges of living in relative solitude with the reality of COVID 19 in our lives also brings us some unique opportunities. We are in a position to come to a deeper understanding of what the Enneagram is about and how it can actually help us in our lives.

While many people are now familiar with the Enneagram as a system of nine personality types, it is more fundamentally a dynamic, multi-faceted system that sheds light on the precise inner relationships between our personality and the deeper resources of our nature. The original Enneagram work was not so much about typing people as it was about finding and cultivating our core capacities and gifts while becoming more aware of our potentially harmful tendencies. Whatever our work or background, we are really after authentic ways to open to those capacities to improve our work and relationships as well as the quality of our daily life, and to open to greater possible contributions to our world. The disruptions that have come to all our lives make this need more powerful than ever. We all want to use this time well.

The workshop will consist of five sessions, about 90 minutes each. Individual classes will be divided between teaching and Q&A periods.
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