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Waste Management: Utilizing Waste Incineration


Mar 5, 2020 10:41 AM

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Sean Checkley
Mayor @Fox Valley
Sean currently is the Mayor for the Village of Fox Valley, a role he has served since 2011. He first entered municipal politics in 2008 elected as a Village councillor for Fox Valley. He brings 20 years of oil and gas experience to the board, with 16 years of that being a production operator for Apache Canada and Canadian Natural Resources Limited. Over that time Sean served in many different roles including Sub Surface coordinator and employee occupational health and safety representative. In 2008, Sean received a certificate in Production Field Operations from SAIT. Sean, along with his two Children currently ranch in the Fox Valley area running a commercial herd of black Angus/simmental cows. Since 2015, Sean has served as an executive director for the Southwest Incinerator Committee a role he still currently serves, which focuses on an innovative way to handle solid waste issues for communities across the province.