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Engaging and Discipling Your Church’s Financial Leaders
Recently, an executive pastor asked a financial leader -- a man deeply involved in his Jackson, Miss., church -- why he didn't give the same kinds of gifts as he gave to a local college.

His response? “Our church can’t handle the kind of money I can afford to give!”

It is CRITICAL to engage and involve those within your church who have the potential to make a significant financial investment in the ministry! Unfortunately, this group is often overlooked and ignored due to fears and misconceptions around how to engage people of affluence.

Meanwhile, these individuals are giving away millions of dollars to other worthwhile organizations.

In this webinar, we will discuss strategies for identifying, approaching, cultivating and discipling financial leaders and high-capacity givers within your church.

We'll discuss:

-- Who are your Financial Leaders?
-- How do Financial Leaders think?
-- Why is an intentional ministry to Financial Leaders critical to the overall generosity culture of your church?
-- How do you keep integrity with an intentional focus on Financial Leaders?
-- How do you inspire Financial Leaders to invest in the vision of the church?
-- How can the generosity of your Financial Leader impact the overall generosity of your church?

Feb 8, 2018 9:00 AM in Arizona

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Joel Mikell
Senior Vice President / Partner @Horizons Stewardship
A gifted leader, teacher and motivational speaker on relational, holistic stewardship, Joel has helped 170+ churches raise more than $600 million since 2000. He wrote "Crafting a Theology of Stewardship (and Why Your Church Needs One)" and co-wrote "Church Giving Matters" and "The Ministry of Giving," the only book of its kind to focus on ministering to financial leaders outside of a campaign.
Doug Turner
President @Culture of Ready
For 25+ years, Doug has helped churches experience God when least expected: during a capital campaign. Motivated by a heart for ministry, he started Culture of Ready to help churches live in the tension that is generosity. Clients include Willow Creek Community Church (pastor: Bill Hybels); First Baptist Church Dallas (pastor: Robert Jeffress); and Granger Community Church (pastor: Mark Beeson).