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Multilingual Learner Advocacy Month: Building Systems-Level Support for Multilingual Learners
When multilingual learners experience shared accountability for high expectations and implementation of the right supports throughout their educational journey, the education system can close opportunity gaps and improve academic outcomes. Yet too often, the work of serving multilingual learners is siloed into a responsibility that falls only on bilingual and ESL certified staff and specialists or one office within the district.

Join TNTP’s policy and advocacy team as we engage in conversation with district and national leaders who will share their insight on how the education system can move towards collective, systems-level responsibility for this population of students. In this panel discussion, you’ll gain insight into what collective responsibility looks like in practice at the district level, how to build diverse stakeholder buy-in, and how to leverage existing policy to improve systemic support for multilingual learners.

Featured Speakers:
Dra. Olivia Hernández, Consulting Partner–Southwest Region, TNTP
Leslie Villegas, Senior Policy Analyst, New America
Grace Delgado, Executive Director of Multilingual Services, Aldine ISD
Linnea Hulshof, Ed.D., Coordinator of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education, Mesa County Valley School District 51
Moderated by TNTP’s Rosario Quiroz Villarreal, Director of Policy and Advocacy


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