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Farmers Markets Physical Redesign for Covid-19 Mitigation
Monday, April 6th, 2020 3 ET/2CT/1MT/12PT/11AT
Please use this Google Form [https://forms.gle/eH5WLF7EUoEvpgJE6] to express your interest in being sent the webinar recording and share your questions and insights. We will only be answering questions from the form during the webinar and will NOT accept questions asked live for moderation purposes.

As always, farmers market operators are among those leading for how local food is meeting this historic and horrific moment including "drive-thru" models, delayed entry, pre-bagged goods. new layouts and more. For this webinar, we will share how market operators who have actually implemented a new Covid-19 practice have operationalized those new methods. We hope to also share market metrics they're observing such as the cost or people to implement, # customers increasing or declining, farmer data among other metrics.

This webinar will focus ONLY on the physical redesign of market spaces. It will not cover online platforms that some market leaders are using to build new, off-site purchasing systems. We hope to cover that topic on the next webinar in a few weeks so please contact FMC to let us know of any market-tested online platforms that we might feature.


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