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LAST CALL - How art and design can stimulate new ideas to address the global environmental emergency
Art and design have always been powerful catalysts that facilitate thinking, provoke radical discussions and experimentation. Creative practices encompassing nature, addressing environmental issues and promoting sustainable methods have been part of the contemporary arts and design for more than 50 years. Many artists and designers have played a significant role in raising awareness on the impacts of climate change and encouraging sustainable social, economic, and environmental practices worldwide. They have produced outstanding projects that educate us, make us reflect on the dangerous mirage of an endless-growth ideology and the destructive belief that humans are the dominators of the planet. Hand in hand with scientists, engineers and technologists, artists and designers have researched and experimented sustainable solutions to benefit entire communities and shared narratives reflecting upon the many ecological and social crises affecting our civilization, both on a local and global scale.
In this webinar we have invited artists, designers, philosophers, activists from different communities in Europe, Asia, South and North America to share their thoughts, practices, experiences, and to help us understand how art and design can stimulate the productions of new ideas to address the global environmental emergency.

Jan 20, 2021 11:00 PM in Seoul

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