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Community Talk #4 on Cyber Diplomacy
How much do we need to know about the cyber threats we’re facing?

For the Community Talk #4 we will focus on existing international info sharing mechanisms and challenges to this, as well as discuss the complexities of attribution when fighting the cyber threats we’re facing. For this we will discuss the two 2015 UN GGE norms B and D and their implementation.

Three simple questions to the experts will identify:
(i) what best practices/international mechanisms already exist for information sharing and exchange as well as for attribution;
(ii) where we failed and are failing: what we as a global community don’t know about threats we’re facing in cyberspace; and
(iii) what the priorities are for the global community in 2021 in this regard.

What are the community talks?

A series of multi-stakeholder community talks on the global issues in late 2020 moving into 2021, with the purpose of identifying, collecting, and sharing a number of actionable points from different stakeholders’ perspectives on what would help us – the global community – live and prosper in cyberspace. After each talk, we plan to share a summary of the key challenges and necessary actions to be taken, as identified by leaders and key experts. The goal is also to help the private sector and technical community learn more about the UN cyber-dialogue (the UN OEWG) and how they could support the UN Member States in maintaining international security and peace.

The Community Talk #1, summary and recording: https://kas.pr/ots1.

The Community Talk #2, summary and recording: https://kas.pr/z5mw.

The Community Talk #3, summary: kas.pr/1hqy.

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Apr 15, 2021 05:00 PM in Moscow

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