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A live conversation with Sara Olsen: Stakeholders voice and Impact Management Project
Everything we do impacts people and the planet. Impact management is the ongoing practice of measuring those impacts to reduce the negative and increase the positive.

The Impact Management Project (IMP) is a forum for building global consensus on how to measure, report, compare, and improve impact performance. IMP looks at five elements. WHAT, WHO, HOW MUCH, CONTRIBUTION, and RISK

Stakeholder's voice gives us information about "WHO" do enterprises affect? How underserved are they in relation to the outcomes delivered by enterprises? To address these questions, we analyze the impact data categories under the 'Who' dimension.

How to align stakeholder's Voice with Impact Management Project?

Join us for a live discussion with Sara Olsen, SVT group and Unmesh Sheth, Founder/CEO Sopact

Aug 21, 2019 10:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Sara Olsen
Founder @SVT
Sara is the founder of SVT Group, a social and environmental accounting and management firm, and the co-founder of the GSVC. She has led the design of customized systems that today reveal the impact of over $4.7Bn in 70+ countries and numerous industries including reforestation, green technology, sustainable agriculture, maternal and child health, education and community economic development.
Unmesh Sheth
Founder-CEO @Sopact
Unmesh is a founder of a social impact management company, SoPact (https://www.SoPact.com). SoPact's ImpactCloud™ is a platform that aligns outcomes between funders and grantees & investee using comprehensive impact management approach, simplifies data collection and improves data trust within a network. Improved transparency and accountability allow an investor to make better and faster decisions about social and financial performance.