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U.S. West Coast Ocean Acidification Observations and Assets Inventory
Richard Feely, NOAA PMEL
Tessa Hill, UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory
Sara Briley, California Ocean Protection Council
Caren Braby, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

In 2016, the Joint OAH Monitoring Task Force of the Pacific Coast Collaborative (PCC) and federal Interagency Working Group on Ocean Acidification (IWG-OA), embarked on an undertaking to inventory the OAH monitoring infrastructure on the West Coast from California through Alaska. The intention was to compile the foundational information for a gaps analysis - a comprehensive list of OAH-relevant field
research and monitoring efforts documenting chemical, physical, and biological trends all along the coast - to ultimately inform the design of a West Coast Integrated OAH Monitoring network and the subsequent strategic monitoring investments required to build it.

In this webinar, you will hear from a series of Panelists who will provide an update on the status of this inventory and where are we headed as a region. Presentations and discussion will focus on addressing the following questions:

(1.) Where are we now with our understanding of OA processes from observations thus far that is most useful for the stakeholders in California
(2.) Where are the major gaps in our knowledge that is relevant for the stakeholders;
(3.) What new assets do we need to have a better understanding of the processes involved;
(4.) How can we better coordinate our observational network in the future.

Hosted by Ocean Science Trust on behalf of the California Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Science Task Force and Ocean Protection Council.

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May 29, 2018 1:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Tessa Hill
Professor Dept of Earth & Planetary Sciences and the Bodega Marine Laboratory @University of California, Davis
Dr. Tessa Hill is a Professor at University of California, Davis, and a resident at UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory. Research interests include climate change, both past and present, and understanding the response of marine species to environmental perturbation. She is part of the Bodega Ocean Acidification Research (BOAR) group which aims to understand the impact of OA on marine species.
Sara Briley
Climate Change Sea Grant Fellow @California Ocean Protection Council
Sara joined the OPC in February 2017 as a California Sea Grant Fellow. During her year-long fellowship, she will work on climate change projects related to sea level rise, ocean acidification and hypoxia. For her master’s thesis, Sara studied the impact of native Olympia oyster restoration on co-occurring eelgrass.
Caren Braby
Marine Resources Program Manager @Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Caren received a Ph.D. in marine biology from Stanford University.