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Parenting for Equity in St. Louis after #Ferguson
Across the United States more and more parents and other caregivers are engaging the hard, uncertain work of racial socialization with the children they love. Arguably, these efforts are especially fraught in the St. Louis region, one of our nation's most segregated and home to #Ferguson, an accelerator for the #blacklivesmatter movement. In the four years since the Michael Brown shooting, the St. Louis region has seen seasons of protest as well as many initiatives focused on advancing regional racial equity. Against this backdrop we take a closer look at two local initiatives operating at the intersection of children, families, and the push for racial equity. One makes research and scholarship on race accessible, supporting parents, teachers and individuals in being intentional in their interactions and interventions with children. The other focuses explicitly on the education and activation of white parents who have historically been missing from regional racial-equity efforts. Join us for conversation about these two initiatives, their work, and what might be possible in a region that is adopting a culture of trying.

Jul 24, 2018 8:30 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Laura Horwitz
Co-Founder, Executive Director @We Stories
Laura Horwitz and Adelaide Lancaster are co-founders of We Stories, a St. Louis-based non-profit that engages white families in the work of racial justice, seeking to both enhance our region's will for change and lessen our community's racial disparities. Laura Horwitz is a mom of two who returned to St. Louis in 2014 bringing with her expertise in non-profit management, organizational development, program design, and community organizing. She's a strong leader and systems thinker who can appreciate the complexity of factors, forces, and dynamics that keep us stuck in patterns that hurt us all.
Adelaide Lancaster
Co-Founder, Director of Community and Collaboration @We Stories
Adelaide Lancaster, a mom of three, first moved to St. Louis in 2012 after earning her community-building stripes working with women entrepreneurs in NYC for 12 years. She's a creative force who loves to convene and mobilize people. Adelaide is passionate about doing her part to dismantle racism and is captivated by the role parenting plays in racial socialization.
Dr. Kira Hudson Banks
Professor @Saint Louis University
Dr. Kira Hudson Banks has been working to support individuals and groups to understand themselves, others and systems of oppression for over 20 years. Kira enjoys facilitating difficult dialogues and has been described as making complex and controversial topics accessible and intergroup interactions more understandable. She has done so in schools, communities, institutions of higher education and international corporations. Currently, Dr. Banks is an Associate Prof in the Dept of Psychology at Saint Louis University. She also serves in a consulting capacity to the Ferguson Commission. Recently Kira launched a YouTube Channel to translate psychological concepts for lay people. One series on the channel is Raising Equity, which explores ways to intentionally raise children with the knowledge and understanding of systemic inequities and to equip them with the skills to create an equitable society rather than accept the status quo. She's a long-time St. Louis resident and mother of two.