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Spotlight on National Labs: Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos National Laboratory, originally a top secret lab called Project Y, was established in 1943 as the center for nuclear weapon design and was the heart of the Manhattan Project. Since then, LANL has expanded its focus and now conducts research into many fields, including national security, energy, space exploration, materials science, biology, and engineering. It’s been home to over a dozen Nobel Prize winners, including Neils Bohr, Sir James Chadwick, Enrico Fermi, Maria Goeppert Mayer, Richard Feynman, and Hans Bethe.

The webinar will touch upon LANL’s history and some of today’s exciting nuclear projects and missions. Topics include LANL’s weapon design mission, nonproliferation, critical experiments, and space nuclear reactors!


Thom Mason, Director of Los Alamos National Laboratory
Alan Carr, Historian of Los Alamos National Laboratory
Leslie Sherrill, Group Leader, XTD-IDA (Integrated Design and Assessment)
Alexis Trahan, Engineer, NEN-1 (Safeguards Science and Technology)
Joetta Goda, Engineer, NEN-2 (Advanced Nuclear Technology)
Patrick McClure, Engineer, NEN-5 (System Design and Analysis)


Nicholas Thompson, Engineer, NEN-2 (Advanced Nuclear Technology)
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