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Tune In and Tune Up - Wellbeing After the Rains
Drought and Wellbeing Webinars

Hear from the Bureau of Meteorology on winter weather predictions and what rain means for the drought. Hear what the research says about wellbeing when communities are seen to be in drought recovery, strategies to help with things beyond your control and how to make the most of every day

Jul 15, 2020 10:00 AM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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Dr Lynette Bettio
Senior Climatologist @The Bureau of Meteorology
Lynette is a senior climatologist in the Climate Monitoring team at the Bureau of Meteorology. She examines and communicates on variability and changes to Australia’s climate including long-term trends in rainfall and temperature and the interaction with extreme events.
Dr Jacki Schirmer
Associate Professor @University of Canberra
Jacki is an Associate Professor at University of Canberra. She leads the Regional Wellbeing Survey, an annual survey examining the views of 13,000 rural and regional Australians about the liveability and resilience of their community, and their own wellbeing and resilience. Jacki's personal research interests focus on understanding the social dimensions of natural resource management, particularly how people's access to and use of natural resources affects their health and wellbeing, and the impacts of events such as drought.
Dr Kate Gunn
Clinical Psychologist @University of South Australia
Kate grew up on a farm west of Adelaide and works as a Clinical Psychologist in the Department of Rural Health at UniSA, researching how best to promote farmers’ wellbeing. She is the founder of www.ifarmwell.com.au, a free website designed to help farmers’ cope with things beyond their control (like the weather).