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Beyond COVID-19: Promoting Digital Responses To The Needs Of People With Neurological Conditions
COVID-19 has helped to catalyse telemedicine’s widespread implementation across many areas of the health service. The Neurological Alliance of Ireland is interested in exploring the challenges and opportunities for online service delivery into the future: from the perspectives of those both delivering and receiving this care. FutureNeuro, the SFI Research Centre for chronic and neurological diseases is leading on the development of initiatives in e health, embracing digital technology to improve patient care.

The NAI and FutureNeuro webinar on March 25th (11am to 12.30pm) aims to bring together representatives from both providers and recipients of neurological care services, along with strategic and operational leads for e health in Ireland, to explore the opportunities and challenges for telemedicine post COVID-19.

Our Speakers at the Event are as follows:
- Ms Priscilla Lynch: Health Journalist
- Mr Aidan Larkin, National Services Development Manager, MS Society of Ireland
- Ms Julie Bellew, IT Deputy Delivery Director, Community Health, HSE

A series of short presentations/commentaries will be followed by a panel discussion with the following panel members. The panel discussion will be chaired by Dr Colin Doherty, Consultant Neurologist St James Hospital and Principal Investigator FutureNeuro Research Centre.

- Mr Gary Boyle, Patient Advocate
- Dr Derick Mitchell, CEO, Irish Platform for Patient Organisations, Science & Industry (IPPOSI)
- Mr Aidan Larkin, National Services Development Manager, MS Society of Ireland
- Ms Julie Bellew: Senior Project Manager E Health Ireland
- Professor Martin Curley HSE: Director of Digital Transformation and Open Innovation HSE.


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