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How Organizations Can Optimize Growth (even during a downturn) by Tapping Into Their Internal "Innovation Talent”
While we've had global recessions before, never have so many people on the planet experienced the same crisis so broadly and so suddenly. Historically, how organizations respond to change and innovate in the face of those changes has been a key factor in organizational success. With countless articles being published stating that these are “unprecedented times” and that we need to collectively accept a “new normal,” many leaders are left overwhelmed by the magnitude of the changes they are being asked to face.

In this webinar session, our experts will discuss several successful examples of rapid change-driven innovation and provide participants with tactical techniques they can implement now to predictably tap into the innovation talent in their workforce and exit this crisis with momentum.

This webinar is a moderated conversation facilitated by Shelley Iocona, founder of ON ITS AXIS, with expert panelists Suzan Briganti, founder of Swarm Vision, and Kelly O’Connell, EVP at ON ITS AXIS.

Swarm Vision is a SaaS company focused on measuring and leveraging innovation talent in the enterprise and is used by Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies to drive innovation internally, by transforming individuals and teams for the innovation age.
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