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Using maceration techniques to tailor red wine styles
This webinar will present the maceration story all the way from fermentation to glass. It will focus on the impact of maceration techniques on sensory attributes and style, showing how important factors like tannin, colour, ‘dark fruit’ and 'green' characters can be dialled up or down by a chosen maceration approach. The presentation will cover treatments such as whole bunch fermentation, saignée, extended maceration, fermentation temperature, carbonic maceration and enzymes. It will also touch on a new technology, DTMA (Della Toffola) maceration, and discuss some outcomes from research-scale and industry trials.

Oct 3, 2019 11:30 AM in Adelaide

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Dr Keren Bindon
Research Manager @The Australian Wine Research Institute
Dr Keren Bindon is a Research Manager at the AWRI. Over her career she has specialised in understanding the grape to wine interface, with a focus on factors affecting the extraction and conversion of key compounds from grapes. Recently, she has participated in winemaking trials which apply traditional and novel maceration techniques to understand the impacts on wine style - from grape to glass. She has a strong interest in contextualising research to provide meaningful outcomes to the grape and wine industry.