Adopting Agility – One Client’s Journey to the Adoption of AutomationAdopting Agility – One Client’s Journey to the Adoption of Online Research in MENA
Agility in theory sounds great, but what does it really mean to be agile? What’s the overall benefit to your team, your organization? We’ll go beyond the buzzword to look at one of our clients in MENA, and how they’ve migrated their consumer insights program online, adopted best practices, leveraged automated solutions and truly acted in an agile way to improve their decision-making, as well as the bottom line.

After attending this webinar, you’ll understand;
• Migrating to online research challenges we face in MENA
• How agile consumer insights can be applied to your organization
• What you can do to onboard automation

Jul 9, 2019 3:00 PM in Dubai

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