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Calling All LEA/District Admins! Your Decisions and Data Preparation are Essential to a Successful Roster Verification Process for High-Quality PVAAS Teacher-Specific Reporting for Act 13
Audience: LEA/District Admins with responsibility for oversight of Act 13 implementation

Preparing for PVAAS Roster Verification is critical because the data entered during the process yields metrics used for your LEA’s implementation of Act 13, Teacher Specific Measures. Ensuring the PVAAS Roster Verification system is pre-populated with key information on teachers’ instructional responsibility for students is a time-saver for district and school administrators, and teachers – and is a critical shared responsibility for both PIMS Administrators and District/School Program Administrators. This one-hour webinar will provide an overview of the timelines, key responsibilities of administrators, and critical PIMS data collections that support this process. A brief overview of the PVAAS roster verification process, including key decisions regarding teacher eligibility and instructional responsibility, will also be provided to give context to the importance of the timeliness and accuracy of the data in PIMS submissions. To ensure questions can be fully addressed, several follow-up Q&A Office Hours will be held to allow you the opportunity for support specific to your needs.
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