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Trauma-Informed Legal Services for Attorneys working with Victims of Crime
Understanding the social and neurological effects of trauma will allow attorneys who represent crime victims to provide zealous representation in the face of increased challenges. An attorney who does not understand the impact of trauma may find these trauma symptoms to be insurmountable hurdles. However, after this training, an attorney will be able to recognize these behaviors as symptoms of trauma, rather than antagonistic choices of a client. For example, a victim of domestic violence may inhibit the progress of a case due to an inability to remember details. Through this training, an attorney will be able to identify this trauma symptom as such and be better equipped to competently and diligently represent a client facing these challenges, rather than identify the client as a challenge themselves. This comprehensive training provides attorneys with the skills and knowledge to better able to understand the facts of the case and provide ethical representation. This training will provide attorneys with an overview of the impact that traumatic events have on the brain, and an understanding of how to work with crime victims to account for that impact. For attorneys who work directly with victims of crime, understanding the complexity and specialized nature of the impact of trauma on a victim is imperative to provide competent and diligent representation.

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Dec 15, 2021 11:45 AM in Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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