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UMTRC - Provider Burnout and the Electronic Health Record
Physician burnout was deemed a public health crisis in 2019. Growing research in the field suggests that physician/provider burnout has detrimental effects on healthcare quality.
Zack Ward is an assistant professor of Health Administration at the University of Southern Indiana. Zack's research focus includes clinician burnout and rural healthcare issues.

3 Learning Objectives:
1) Define and understand provider burnout.
2) Understand the factors that may contribute to provider burnout.
3) Understand the potential role the electronic health record may play in provider burnout.

This presentation will begin by defining and the factors that contribute to physician/provider burnout. From there, the presentation will pivot to explore the relationship between physician/provider burnout and the electronic health record. Recent studies and insights from the field will be discussed. The presentation will conclude by discussing potential ways technology (and other avenues) can be used to mitigate the physician/provider burnout.

Oct 13, 2021 12:00 PM in Indiana (East)

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