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Forms Camp 2022 Sessions Part 2
Gather in the mess hall to hear stories and tips from counselors how to improve your court forms!

August 10 - User Testing: If you love your forms, let them go. They will come back better.

In this session, campers will learn about user testing from counselor Alison Spanner of the Illinois Courts. Alison will provide an overview of user testing and how you can use it to improve court forms in your jurisdiction. She will cover:
• What is user testing?
• Why is user testing important?
• How to run user testing (simple to complex)?
• Engaging diverse user testing audiences.
• Now that we have feedback, what should we do with it?

August 17 - Forms Review & Revision

Now that your forms are clear, concise, and user tested, you work is done! Right? Wrong! It’s imperative to continually review and revise forms to ensure legal sufficiency, usability, and accessibility. This session will cover:
• How to create a forms review process
• Ways to collaborate with partners to effectuate form updates and modifications
• How to eliminate inconsistencies and promote standardization across jurisdictions
• Using data to inform forms review and revision

August 24 - Document Assembly and Forms Automation

Paper forms are great, but online options can increase accessibility and help litigants complete and file forms remotely. Counselors Quinten Steenhuis and David Colarusso from Suffolk Law School’s Legal Innovation & Technology Lab will cover:
• What is document assembly? What is automation?
• How can document assembly and automation help court users?
• How to prepare forms for assembly and automation.
• What is the Form Explorer?
• Who can help?

August 10 - User Testing: If you love your forms, let them go. They will come back better.

August 17 - Forms Review & Revision

August 24 - Document Assembly and Forms Automation
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Alison Spanner
Alison Spanner is the Director of Access to Justice & Strategic Planning at the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts where she has worked since 2014. She and her team oversee the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice and its flagship programs, which include: Statewide Standardized Court Forms, Illinois Court Help, Interpreter Certification and Registry, and our SRL Appellate Resource Program.
Quinten Steenhuis
Quinten Steenhuis is a clinical fellow and adjunct professor at Suffolk University Law School’s Legal Innovation and Technology Lab. He spent 12 years as a housing attorney at Greater Boston Legal Services. Quinten’s signature projects include MADE, the Massachusetts Defense for Eviction tool, and Court Forms Online, an international response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, Quinten Steenhuis was named a "Legal Rebel" by the ABA Journal. His work automating legal help has been highlighted in national media, including the New York Times and Boston Globe, and in 2022 he was recognized in a press release by the White House.
Amber L. Herrmann
Amber L. Herrmann directs the Administrative Services unit of Maryland District Court Headquarters. The Administrative Services staff creates and revises court forms and brochures, maintains the District Court's internal and public websites, and coordinates the translation of these resources. Emphasis is placed on providing current and accurate tools and training necessary to promote excellence in public service and access to justice. As director, Amber serves as the staff person for the Maryland Judiciary’s Forms Subcommittee. The subcommittee is tasked with reviewing and, if necessary, offering suggestions for modifying the various forms used in the District and Circuit Courts, as well as those created and modified by the various Judicial Council committees. The subcommittee also works to eliminate any inconsistencies between forms in the trial courts and promote standardization, where possible, throughout the jurisdictions.
Virginia Kuberski, J.D.
Forms Manager @Minnesota Judicial Branch
Virginia Kuberski, J.D., joined the Minnesota Judicial Branch in 2006. She became the Forms Manager for the Branch in 2016. In this position, she is responsible for the 500+ public-facing court forms on the Minnesota Judicial Branch website and on CourtNet. Virginia previously served as a staff attorney at the Statewide Self-Help Center and the local Self-Help Centers in Hennepin County. Before she became an attorney, she was a middle school teacher for eight years. She graduated from St. Mary’s University School of Law (San Antonio) and Texas Lutheran University (Seguin, Texas).