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When meaning loses its meaning, with Nora Bateson & Dave Snowden
As the theory and application of complexity and systems thinking translates into new epistemological worlds and emerging ontological possibilities, there is an ever-growing need for rigour, attention and creative understanding of the language and metaphors that circulate.

We invite you to a series of conversations between Nora Bateson and Dave Snowden to explore the uses and shifting meanings of some of the key concepts and ideas in the fields of complexity and systems theory. We will dive into the origins and histories of concepts like abduction and ecology to explore how meanings stretch, transform and sometimes wear out across ecosystems of communication.

This journey with Nora and Dave offers unique perspectives - tracing the roots of ideas and discerning subtle differences - towards a shared curiosity in the integrity of cultural dialogue and tending vital connections across understandings.

Dec 2, 2021 05:30 PM in London

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