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Accelerating the Commercialization Process of Ceramic Materials to Stimulate Growth in the Wake of Covid-19
The process of new product development of advanced ceramic materials can be time consuming. During our previous webinar on the impact of Covid-19 on the advanced ceramic and glass supply chain, our panel of experts explained that the process normally takes around five years and identified that cutting down the time it takes for products to reach the market could be an opportunity stimulate the supply chain in the wake of Covid-19.

By making more efficient the processes of material characterization, prototype production and material optimization, the reduction in cost and resources will help give ceramic materials an edge over those which may have a shorter and less expensive process. This session is designed to help bridge the gap between research and engineering in order to accelerate the process of scaling up new products. With numerous opportunities for advanced ceramic and glass materials in growth areas such as the roll out of 5G, electric and hybrid vehicles and of green energy sources, the supply chain stands to benefit greatly from providing efficient solutions in a shorter time span and for consequently less investment. A faster commercialization process means a more efficient adaptation of superior materials to end user markets who are more likely to see the benefit of investment if the product is developed in a shorter time frame.

Points to be addressed:
• How can the duration of commercialization process be sped up in order to stimulate growth for the ceramics and glass supply chain?
• What can ceramic and glass manufacturers do to work with their clients to ensure continued investment in new product development?
• To what extent does regulation help or hinder the commercialization process and how, if at all, has this changed due to the pandemic?


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