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Recommended Use of Fluoride (session 1)
In this 20 min webinar NIOM Senior Scientist Aida Mulic will present recommendations for use of fluoride to combat the most common oral diseases, dental caries and dental erosion.

In this webinar you will learn about:

* Fluorides for caries reduction

* Most effective and recommended fluoride products

*Fluoride and patients at high caries risk

*Fluoride and dental erosive wear

Continued education units for participation in NIOM webinars!

Members of the Danish, Norwegian and Icelandic dental associations can now redeem their participation for continued education units with their respective associations!

- For Danish dentists, participation in a NIOM webinar counts for 0,5 hours CE.

- For Norwegian dentists, participation counts for 1 hour "etterutdanningspoeng."

Feb 7, 2018 12:00 PM in Oslo

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Aida Mulic
Senior Scientist, DDS, PhD @NIOM (Nordic Institute Of Dental Materials)
Mulic's research interest is on the prevalence, risk indicators, prevention and treatment related to the disease dental erosion. The research is based both on laboratory (in vitro and in situ), and clinical studies mainly on young adolescents in different parts of Norway. She is also initiating and coordinating research collaborations with public bodies within public dental health, both in Norway