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Genetic and Gut Microbiome information is protecting employees and their families from COVID and weight-related inflammatory comorbidities
Find out how HR and Benefits leaders across 500+ Blue Shield of CA covered companies are enabling free access to a program that delivers 2X the industry results.
Discover the first Weight loss and Comorbidity reversal precision care program, based on Gut Microbiome and Genetics.

What you will learn:
1. Deaths due to COVID-19 are 12 times higher among obese and those with underlying chronic conditions than those without them.

2. Underlying weight-related conditions among those with COVID-19 were Gut Issues (32%), heart disease (30%), and musculoskeletal disorders (28%), according to the latest CDC data

3. Why COVID and disease risks vary significantly by ethnicity and gender

4. How your employees can benefit from this fully covered program - zero co-pay, zero deductible, and offered at NO COST by Blue Shield of CA


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