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Benefits and Challenges Associated with the Greater Use of Direct Current (DC)
DC and hybrid AC/DC power systems can have many advantages over purely AC systems. They offer higher efficiency, reliability, improved power quality, reduced installation costs, and smaller footprints. DC bussing and coupling enables simpler integration of renewable energy sources and energy storage systems by not requiring synchronization. Major consumer electronic loads, EV fast charging and recent developments in renewable energy technology have all prompted a greater use of DC going forward.

While the industry has been rapidly developing standards for DC, the awareness, education, and training of industry practitioners of system design, specification, and construction has been slow to catch up. The same is true of equipment and appliances, despite that most are “DC inside.” This webinar will discuss how these shortcomings are being addressed.

Join us to hear from noted utility and private industry experts on how and we can continue this energy transition.

Hear from:
Ronald Gdovic, CEO of WindStax Energy
Andrew Peck, Founder of LumaNEXT
David Geary, Sr. Principal Electrical Engineer at Comcast Cable
Paul Savage, CEO of Nextek Power Systems
Brian Patterson, Founder, EMerge Alliance (moderator)
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