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Innovation and Business Showcase in Pays de la Loire @ BIO Digital 2021
Business France and the Region Pays de la Loire organize an Innovation and Business Showcase to give more visibility to the technologies and companies issued of this innovative cluster.

Innovation Showcase - Pays de la Loire @BIO 2021

When : Thursday June 10th at 17h30 CET
Content & participants :
· 17h30 CET - The Healthcare landscape in France focus Pays de la Loire region
• 3 min Business France – Charlotte Viard, Business France
• 5 min Atlanpole Biotherapies – Jessica Walker, Atlanpole Biotherapies
· 17h38 am CET – Unique opportunity for R&D in Pays de la Loire, Arronax - high energy and high intensity cyclotron – Ferid Haddad, Ph.D, Director of the GIP Arronax
• 1 min Solutions&Co – Madoka Hebert, International Project Advisor
• 5 min Arronax - Ferid Haddad, Ph.D, Director of the GIP Arronax
· 17h45 CET – Introduction Jury members by moderator :
• Patrick Tricoli CEO Nanobiotix USA ,EVP Global Business Development
• Nishta Rao, Managing Director Life Science at First Republic Bank
• Michael Day, Senior Director Regulatory Science at Voisin consulting Life Science
• Shahin Gharakhanian, MD, Pharmaceutical Medicine – Infectious disease
· 17h50 CET – Company showcase
· GoLiver
· Gliocure
· Cleancells
· Pherecydes Pharma
· 18h30 CET – Conclusion of the session


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