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Open Vs Closed Platforms- why the difference matters to your business
Join Business Mentor Chef Katrina, Social Media Manager Hilary DeFreitas, and Video Branding Specialist Felicia, as they discuss the differences between 'Open platforms vs Closed Platforms' and reveal how many online marketers are missing out on a HUGE potential of their content

Online Marketing has evolved over the last decade. Back in 2006 Social Media was just getting started. Businesses didn't even look at Social Media as a branding or marketing tool?

Today the situation has turned 180 degrees and everyone is trying to make it online. Yet, most businesses are still treating the online space as if internet was brand new.

The result is that they are putting unnecessarily huge amounts of resources into their social media strategies and missing out on more than half of the potential of their content

This training promises to be some of the most revealing and in your face truths about online marketing in 2020 and beyond. Are you open to hearing this?

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