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The Power of Strategic Storytelling


Sep 19, 2018 1:58 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Jenny Riddle
Strategic Storytelling Expert and Consultant @Jenny Riddle
Jenny Riddle is a keynote speaker, professional storyteller, and consultant who helps businesses and organizations capture attention and ignite action through the power of strategic storytelling. With a lifetime of expertise in the best communication strategies, Jenny can show you how to break through the noise and competition using persuasive, relevant stories to: *Open hearts and wallets *Attract customers, clients, or donors *Go where no sales pitch has gone before *Unite people around a cause. Everyone has the ability to find and tell stories; Jenny can show you how. "I gave the best speech of my life. The reason is that Jenny Riddle came to NFHA last year to provide training on strategic storytelling. I was inspired to craft a really great story and had a synergy with the audience that was powerful. At one point the mayor shouted out 'yeah.' I give full credit to the use of strategic storytelling." -Cat Cloud, CFO of NFHA
Robert (Bob) D. Schultz
President @The CauseWay Agency
Robert (Bob) D. Schultz is the President of The CauseWay Agency, a leading cause communications firm. He is the former Senior Vice President of The Advertising Council where he supervised the docket of some 35 public service advertising campaigns and is also a former Vice President/Management Supervisor overseeing BMW’s automotive advertising and marketing communications. He began his career in marketing working on VICKS Nyquil. Bob has a B.S. and an MBA in Marketing, both from Cornell University, where he often lectures on marketing and brand management.