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Layer123 SD-WAN Security & SASE Webinar
Security is a top requirement for SD-WAN services and is major area of focus for MEF's industry-leading SD-WAN standardization work. In this interactive public webinar, we will explore key building blocks for the convergence of software-defined networking and security. These include: (1) MEF’s foundational industry standard that defines SD-WAN Service Attributes and Services; (2) MEF’s emerging, well-progressed Application Security for SD-WAN standard that specifies the policy criteria needed to add application security to SD-WAN; (3) a Zero Trust Framework, which aims to ensure that users and applications are properly authenticated before granting them access to network resources; and (4) a SASE Services Framework, which introduces a new construct called a SASE Service that connects users with their applications in the cloud while providing connectivity performance and security assurance determined by policies set by the user. Join this webinar to engage with MEF’s CTO and subject matter experts to gain valuable insight into the hottest area of SD-WAN services market development! Also check out the newly release MEF SASE Services Framework white paper just published in July.

Aug 26, 2020 03:00 PM in London

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