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Providing Interconnect Solutions for Big Data in Space
The demand for bandwidth is ramping at the same rate on space platforms as on earth. High-performance chipsets and fast computation bring the requirements for data transport to new levels in space. Add to this the requirements for radiation, temperature, vibration and shock resistance and we find a clear need for new ideas in connectivity.

Glenair offers a variety of interconnect solutions ranging from:
· High-Speed – miniature rectangular form-factor high-speed interconnects
· High-Speed Micro-D
· SpaceWire Cable Assemblies
· Rugged space-grade photonics and fiber optics
· Glenair Space Systems: Space-Grade Engineering, Harnessing and Integration

Confirmed Speakers:
· Torsten Möllers – Business Development Manager, Glenair Space Systems
· Guido Hunziker – Vice-President of Research and Development, Glenair Inc.
· Ross Thomson​ - European Business Development Manager – Interconnect Systems, Glenair UK
· Ron Logan​ – Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer, Electronics and Photonics, Glenair Inc.

Sponsored by: Glenair

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