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What's Next for Hospitality
How will our restaurants and cafés change? Will we still dine out or will we go to the take out window or perhaps the window will become our night out. Or perhaps going to restaurant will be an occasional occurrence instead of the every day routine that has been. What does that mean for design? Does a hospitality interior upscale or downsize? The idea that hospitality venues will shrink or even become larger and more spacious means that the design will be paramount in either case. How will a Hotel, bar, pub, club or event space handle a mass of people utilising its offering? Or perhaps we will have venues that limit the number of patrons and how can this work in an Hotel? Will boutique accommodation projects be the norm? Will there be a change in product and interior design and how will designers accommodate new requirements. So many questions and we’ll answer them on INDESIGN.tv.

Presented by:
Jeff Copolov, Director, Bates Smart
Nic Graham, Director, Nic Graham & Associates
Rachel Luchetti, Co-Director, Luchetti Krelle

Facilitated by: Jan Henderson, Acting-Editor, Indesign magazine

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Jun 24, 2020 12:30 PM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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