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Keynote Alderik Bos, CEO at Liftinsight
How to lower your operational costs and improve the performance of your lifts by implementing IoT and machine learning technologies into the maintenance process.

Topics covered during this session will include:

(1) a brief overview of what the big Elevator Companies (Otis, Kone, Schindler ThyssenKrupp and Mitsubishi) offer their customers and what's the strategy behind, including my advise, what to do and what not.

(2) What are the trends in (elevator)maintenance and how to handle that as a building owner.

(3) What will disrupt the elevator market, and what does this mean for the building owner.

(4) What works in the elevator market, and is an example for other building parts and vice versa.

May 12, 2020 03:30 PM in Amsterdam

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